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Trying to do the right thing but it breaks!!!

One thing I have noticed about this period of isolation is the huge increase in the number of people out exercising. I am one of them - I have dusted off my bike and have also been exploring local bushland on family walks. Increases in people exercising will have valuable flow on effects on general fitness, heart health and mental health just to name a few, but also comes with a small risk of overuse injury when the amount or intensity of exercise is increased too quickly.

My eldest son has been a fantastic motivation to start exercising again. he is young and enthusiastic, and quite capable of doing two sessions of exercise per day. He got a bit upset with me early on, when I said that I needed to have a rest day. I was sore from the previous day's routine and knew that if I kept going too hard, I would end up breaking down.

With a return to seeing patients face to face in our Physiotherapy Clinic, we have also seen an increase in the numbers of 'overuse' injuries, particularly to lower limb muscles. These patients have presented as being first time exercisers, returning exercisers, or people who have had to change their type of exercise because gyms have closed.

Overuse injuries often present as a bit of a 'niggle' or some soreness after exercise. Not enough recovery time between bouts of exercise and then the niggle starts towards the end of the exercise routine. Continuing on this way, and soon the pain presents at the beginning of your program and continues even when you are not exercising.

Catching the pain and seeking treatment before it gets to a chronic stage is important in getting you back to exercising as quickly as possible. Not getting early treatment can prolong a period of inactivity you may have to have - just as you were starting to enjoy exercise again.

So, whilst exercising at this time is fantastic and will have many benefits, it is important to not ignore what your body is telling you. Seek help before it gets out of control. Our Physios will help you with treatment of your injury, try and keep you active by modifying your exercise routine and get you back exercising as quickly as possible.

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