Winston Hills Physiotherapy Centre offers orthotic therapy as a part of treatment. Orthotics may be suggested as a part of your management for a variety of conditions, these include:

-          Heel pain ( plantar fasciitis)

-          Achilles tendonitis

-          Knee pain

-          Lower back pain

-          Ball of foot pain

-          Shin splints

-          Adolescent “growing pains”


Our Physiotherapists have completed further training to be able to provide our patients two types of Orthotic.

1. ICB heat mouldable orthotics are an off the shelf orthotic that can be heat moulded and adjusted to create an orthotic to treat most conditions. ICB orthotics are made from EVA. They come in a wide range of styles for sports, regular wear, high heels and childrens' feet.

2. Custom Orthotics - your physiotherapist will take a weight bearing cast of your foot which is sent off to the ICB Laboratory to be made into a custom orthotic. These can be made from EVA or a hard plastic.