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Fit For Finals

There are about 4 weeks to go before the end of most winter sport seasons and the start of finals for many local teams. Many community sports people have been carrying a niggling injury for several weeks now, myself included, hoping to get by and not wanting to be told that you need to have a couple of weeks off to get it right.

In the grand scheme of things, pushing through without seeking management advice is not the best course of action. You could make your injury significantly worse and then miss that all important semi final.

Generally, games in finals are played at increased speeds and intensities compared to games played in the regular season, which can increase your risk of injury if you aren’t trained for the increased intensity.

The most important thing to do is to get independent, expert advice about your injury. Our physios will discuss with you the pros and cons of continuing to battle through and help you pick the nest course of action. We will also set up a rehabilitation program to get help the injury recover so you can be at your best when you most need to.

Your rehabilitation program will include;

  • education about your injury

  • stretches and strengthening exercises related to your injury and sport

  • detailed training program to ensure you load your body enough, but don't overload and do more damage

  • advice on ability to play or for how long

DON'T DELAY. Book your appointment by calling 9838 8449 to see one of physios and make sure your are FIT FOR FINALS!!!

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