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Bone on Bone - Can physio help the arthritic knee?

So you have been told you have bone on bone in your knee. Your knee hurts and you are not as active as you used to be, preferring to sit on the couch and rest. Sound familiar?

What are the options? Surgery - an Arthroscope or a Total Knee Replacement? Cortisone injection?

Has anyone mentioned Exercise?

But it hurts to Exercise I hear you say?

Did you know that most people living with Osteoarthritis (OA) have not attempted an exercise based strategy or a weight loss program to alleviate symptoms and improve function.

There is robust evidence that engaging in a non surgical intervention plan can delay or even avoid the need for surgery.

But won't exercise make the wear and tear worse?

A 2019 study compared activity levels and OA findings on X-ray and showed that there was no worsening of X-ray findings in patients who has mild to moderate OA and who engaged in regular moderate to vigorous activity (about 30 minutes daily).

Therefore you CAN exercise, not make the OA progression worse and actually alleviate symptoms and improve your function.

So where does Physiotherapy help?

We can help you with your exercise program. Not just the specific exercises to help the muscles around your knee stronger, but also the exercise program to help you lose some weight.

We will guide you through your program until you can manage it yourself.

We will help you perform an exercise program that you enjoy doing - after all, if you enjoy what you are doing you are more likely to continue. We won't force you to do something that you don't enjoy!!!

What Exercise should I do?

Some specific strengthening exercises for the muscles around the knee - in particular the quadriceps (front of thigh)

Cardiovascular Exercise - running (yes its ok), walking, swimming, cycling, rowing, cross trainer or a combination. There are probably many more too.

General strength training - weights or resistance exercise on other muscles in your body


  • Heart Health

  • Cognitive Function

  • Sleep Quality

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression

AND helps prevent 35 chronic diseases!!!!

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