Tradies fix most things, but not always themselves.

Tradies National Health Month raises awareness of the health and injury risks affecting those who work in trade occupations—among tradies themselves, their families, employers and the wider community. With statistics showing almost 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries involve a tradie—despite making up only 30 per cent of the workforce—tradies' health must be everyone's priority.

We all want to come home safely from work each day, so become your workplace health champion and do something about it. It can be as simple as doing some proper warm ups with your work mates before the work day begins. Or, you might want to ask the boss to get a physiotherapist to do a worksite risk assessment and lead the crew in some simple stretches to get you all warmed up properly for the day ahead.

Winston Hills Physiotherapy Centre can provide Evidence Based Treatment for your injuries, help with preventative exercise programs and perform assessments on your workplace or job tasks to reduce the risk of injury.

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