Spring back into Running


The warmer weather that starts at this time of year often encourages people to get out and start exercising again. Whether it's to shed some of those extra winter kilos or to fit into that new swimsuit, this time of year tends to be when people take up exercise again.

Running is great exercise, can be addictive and costs nothing except for a good pair of running shoes.

There are some important things to remember to ensure that you run well and stay injury free.

Warm up beforehand

Build up gradually – if you start off running too far or too fast you increase your risk of injury. Have a days rest between runs to allow your body to recover

Set some goals – are you running for fitness/weight loss/general well being. Setting some goals will help you stay focussed and stay running

Mix it up – you don’t have to run the same course every time. Changing your route, running on different terrain, varying the type of running (Fartlek, sprints) you do can help you enjoy running and keep doing it.

Make sure you wear proper running shoes – running in shoes like Vans is like taking a Toyota Yaris on a 4WD course. You increase the risk of lower limb overuse injuries with wearing poor shoes.


Want more advice or have an injury that needs fixing before you start running again – talk to one of our experienced physios and we will get your spring back